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The Ipsofacto Way

Choose to be remarkable…let others be mediocre.

It’s simple enough really; we pride ourselves in innovation and ingenuity in all of our endeavours, not just as a quality indicator, but quite literally to cause a remark. We make people laugh and smile, supply that ‘wow’ factor or sometimes just provoke a meaningful thought, all with the aim of fostering brand image and loyalty with promotion which makes our consumers want to spread our ideas.

Just because we're small doesn't mean we don't pack a punch!

Andrew Smith – Director
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FC Banterlona founder
Nicola – Event Coordinator
SPECIALTIES: Event Management / Social Media /
Crazy Cat Lady
Steve – Intern
SPECIALTIES: Event organising / Social Media /
Cake eating


Now in it’s 6th year, “Crisis” is the UK’s Biggest Weekly Student Night (by attendance over an academic year). Hosted at Rock City in Nottingham, this weekly Wednesday club night is the Official Nottingham University Wednesday Night. With over 2500 attendees on a weekly basis, it’s hard to pass through Nottingham as a student without a visit to Crisis. Ipso Facto (under our night time events brand: “Carpe Noctum”) deliver the marketing, promotions, entertainment and ticket sales for this highly successful Nottingham institution. Despite a major recession and a massive decline in the Nottingham night time economy, the Crisis brand has continued to deliver results every time. For more information on Crisis, please check out

Oslo Hackney


Ipso Facto are pleased to be working with Oslo in Hackney over the Christmas 2014 period to help with their marketing and promotions . This campaign is mostly focused on digital marketing where Ipso Facto, working with Oslo’s in-house team, are producing high quality Facebook Advertising, Google Ads, Targeted Emails, Sponsored Tweets, Retargeting adverts and quality Instagram content. In addition, Ipso Facto are supplying expert analytics to help the venue achieve more successful digital campaigns in the future. For more information on Oslo, please check out

No Tomorrow Festival

No Tomorrow

Ipso Facto are delighted to be working with DHP Family to help deliver No Tomorrow Festival 2015 following a successful collaboration in 2014. No Tomorrow Festival is brand new to the UK festival scene & was a finalist at the UK Festival Awards 2014 in the Best New Festival category. Last year’s incredible lineup featured London Grammar, Sam Smith, Clean Bandit, Duke Dumont & many others, achieving over 10,000 attendees in it’s first year! Ipso Facto assisted in the marketing, promotions and ticket selling to the Nottingham University student market. This role has been expanded for 2015 to include all University and Higher Education institutions within a 50 mile radius. For more information on No Tomorrow Festival please check out their website

Our Remarkable World
Organic Posts are Dead…

Organic reach is dead1

…this is a good thing! Within the last few months, Facebook have tweaked the newsfeed algorithm to penalise “salesy” type content. So, without “boosting” a post or creating a sponsored post campaign, an advert even on the largest of fan pages will barely reach a handful of people. This is part of their drive to improve quality and maximise the user experience – and is a good thing for customers and for brands (well, at least those that are good with social media!). A clear distinction for brands now emerges between paid advert content and non-promotional content, the latter of which, if of good quality, will still obtain good reach for free. To achieve the best marketing results on Facebook, brands should use the majority of their time and effort on creating interesting, engaging and entertaining content – and then only small amounts on paid-for promotional adverts. Developing a good balance is key and at Ipso Facto we advocate an 80/20 relationship between the two. The two types will end up costing the same because of the effort invested in the better content. Consumers like their brands to show their personality and reinforce why they chose them in the first place. If you continue to show the values of the brand in interesting and entertaining ways, then your organic reach will live on. Better yet, if you’ve realised and focused on this before your competition, you can enjoy newsfeed all to yourself!

Edgerank Bias


Be careful when choosing how to add video content to your Facebook Page. Facebook does not give as higher weighting to content from 3rd parties such as YouTube than it does to content added directly. Above is a side by side comparison of two posts that were one week apart. The content of the videos, while different, were part of a weekly entertainment piece that you would expect to achieve around the same sort of totals each week. Now, this isn’t a perfect example of course. If you look left you will noticed there was some paid promotion applied, whereas on the right there was none. Nevertheless, Facebook will assign a lower weighting to Youtube content, plus give a smaller picture displayed in Newsfeed making it less appealing for the user to click. The lesson is here, make sure you upload your video content directly to facebook if you want it to spread on this medium. There is nothing stopping you uploading it to both, so why not!?


Engaging content goes further

Crisis Degrees

Even limited budgets can be stretched to deliver extraordinary results when they are applied to innovative ideas. Here we created a “make your own degree certificate” for our student nightclub brand “Crisis” to engage with the fanbase.  Users could login and create degree certificates for their friends to be shared on Facebook. The humorous campaign resulted in hundreds of made up degree certificates being generated as customers played jokes on one another, raising the brand’s profile and driving up the number of “likes” on the Fanpage.

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