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Edgerank Bias


Be careful when choosing how to add video content to your Facebook Page. Facebook does not give as higher weighting to content from 3rd parties such as YouTube than it does to content added directly. Above is a side by side comparison of two posts that were one week apart. The content of the videos, while different, were part of a weekly entertainment piece that you would expect to achieve around the same sort of totals each week. Now, this isn’t a perfect example of course. If you look left you will noticed there was some paid promotion applied, whereas on the right there was none. Nevertheless, Facebook will assign a lower weighting to Youtube content, plus give a smaller picture displayed in Newsfeed making it less appealing for the user to click. The lesson is here, make sure you upload your video content directly to facebook if you want it to spread on this medium. There is nothing stopping you uploading it to both, so why not!?


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