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Organic Posts are Dead…

Organic reach is dead1

…this is a good thing! Within the last few months, Facebook have tweaked the newsfeed algorithm to penalise “salesy” type content. So, without “boosting” a post or creating a sponsored post campaign, an advert even on the largest of fan pages will barely reach a handful of people. This is part of their drive to improve quality and maximise the user experience – and is a good thing for customers and for brands (well, at least those that are good with social media!). A clear distinction for brands now emerges between paid advert content and non-promotional content, the latter of which, if of good quality, will still obtain good reach for free. To achieve the best marketing results on Facebook, brands should use the majority of their time and effort on creating interesting, engaging and entertaining content – and then only small amounts on paid-for promotional adverts. Developing a good balance is key and at Ipso Facto we advocate an 80/20 relationship between the two. The two types will end up costing the same because of the effort invested in the better content. Consumers like their brands to show their personality and reinforce why they chose them in the first place. If you continue to show the values of the brand in interesting and entertaining ways, then your organic reach will live on. Better yet, if you’ve realised and focused on this before your competition, you can enjoy newsfeed all to yourself!

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